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Buying a new boiler is a big decision and it tends to be a decision that most people need to make in a hurry. The decision to install a new boiler usually occurs when your old boiler has broken down or is too old and isn’t doing the job you need it to do. More often than not it happens in the depths of winter and you need to get your hot water and central heating restored and working again. Getting a new boiler installed never comes at a good time but Heywood Heating can help you install a boiler quickly and efficiently. Boiler install.

Customer satisfaction

We value customer satisfaction and premium quality work above all else. Installing a boiler is a very important decision and can be one of the most expensive home improvements you do. We understand that and so be rest assured we will not finish a job until the customer is 100% happy.


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Choosing the right boiler

There’s a number of choices to consider when buying a new boiler. First things first and most important choosing the right type of boiler. Having the wrong type of boiler could lead to significantly higher bills or, worst yet, long delays for hot water in your home.

Choose an unreliable boiler or make the wrong decision about part of the boiler installation, and it’s a mistake you and your bank balance will later regret.
Buying a new boiler and getting it installed can be a bit of a minefield of big choices. But do not fear Heywood Heating can help you to make the right boiler choice. Speak to the team.

What do our customer say…

“Excellent workmanship. Explanation given prior to commencing the job and upon completion. The standard of the work carried out by Ryan James the Gas Engineer was extremely high and he worked methodically throughout the entire process. We are very impressed with this company as they have offered a very good customer service from estimate to completion. I have no hesitation in highly recommending them to other people.”
“On time for quote, started work on the agreed day and finished on time. They did a first class job and every evening when I got home the house was clean and tidy. No mean feat when a boiler is being relocated in different part of the house and this required floorboards to be lifted and reinstated. I found the workman helpful and polite and I would certainly use again.”
“Very efficient and knowledgeable. Plumbers did a fantastic job and I would recommend this company.”

Combination boiler

In the UK a combination or combi boiler is the most common type of boiler system. It is a great choice for many homes and it will provide hot water on demand. Having said that though it’s not the best option for all. Heat-only and system boilers are much better suited than combi boilers for a variety of situations. To learn more about installing the right boiler ask the Heywood Heating team.

Boiler Installation Cost

A question we get asked alot is; how much will it cost to get a boiler installed? The price of getting a boiler installed is difficult to find without seeing the current state of your boiler. Heywood heating provide a free quotation from a heating professional. In the meantime to get a general idea of prices and what influences your boiler installation cost call one of our team.


Most of our rates are outlined on our rates page. If there’s anything you’d like to learn more about regarding rates call or email us and we’ll be happy to give you a quote.

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