If you fancy a day in the life of a Plumber in West London, and are thinking of installing your own radiator in the run up to winter then here are a few things to remember.

In theory, self-installation is easy enough to do because it’s possible to add a radiator at any point in the flow, as long as you make sure you don’t take heat away from the current radiators and you’re confident that your boiler can handle the extra strain. You’ll need to work out the best position for the additional radiator – you may want to consider positioning it underneath a window, as the cold air can be warmed and carried around the room. You will also need to work out the size you require according to the room size. This can easily be done using an online BTU calculator. Next you will need to find the nearest flow and return pipes, which are usually somewhere in the wall or under the floorboards. You will also have to turn off the boiler and drain the entire before fitting your new radiator model to the wall. Once fitted, make sure to deal with any necessary pipework in order to ensure that it fits neatly onto the unit and successfully hooks up to the main system. After all the loose nuts and bolts have been screwed securely into place, you can refill the system and hook the radiator up to a thermostat.

While fitting a radiator yourself is possible, hiring a professional plumber in West London is undoubtedly the best way to get the job done to the highest standard, and in half the time. If the DIY approach doesn’t appeal to you, luckily we have a number of plumbers in West London ready and waiting to keep your toes toasty this winter, with our quality radiator installation service. We can provide all the appropriate materials, with our expert skills and experience.

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