We’ve all been there – that dreaded moment when the boiler packs it in ahead of the in-laws’ bank holiday visit. This, and many other plumbing emergencies – such as leaking appliances, broken faucets and burst pipes – can often come at the absolute worst of times. But they needn’t spell out complete disaster; follow these very simple steps to keep a plumbing malfunction from becoming a calamity.

1.) Don’t Panic

This may seem like obvious advice and it is certainly a piece of advice we are used to in most emergency situations. However, a kitchen or bathroom floor quickly becoming saturated with water can try even the most level headed of people. Panicking of course is the worst thing you can do. Remain calm and follow the next two easy steps and what might seem like your worst plumbing nightmare, will be over very quickly

2.) Know the basics about your plumbing

During most plumbing emergencies, the most important thing to do is to turn off the water supply. For a leak in the house, this may well mean shutting off the main valve into the house from the mains supply. For a faulty appliance, there is normally a more localised shut-off valve meaning you can continue to operate the rest of your plumbing, whilst still limiting the damage to the appliance in question. It is crucial that you know where these valves are. The main shut-off valve is normally located at the edge of your property closest to the street – it is often found under the kitchen sink or in the bathroom. Most valves for specific appliances are behind the appliance. Knowing how to shut off a valve is crucial – if you can’t find yours a qualified plumber can very quickly help you find it.

3.) Keep a plumber’s number to hand

Another seemingly simple measure which many people seem to forget is to have a plumber’s number close to hand. Whether you’ve saved it into your phone or you have their card pinned onto the fridge, being able to call a plumber without having to search the internet can help limit any major disaster.

So long as you follow these simple steps any potential crisis can easily be averted and you can be safe in the knowledge that your plans will remain undisrupted by these inevitable scenarios.

Heywood Heating’s plumbers can tell you where to find your stop-off valves and our number is online. Save it into your phone now to make sure you are prepared for any plumbing misfortune well before it happens.