Your thermostat is your communication line to your heating system. Configuring your exact temperature preferences and allowing your heating system the information on your ambient room temperature are luxuries we often take for granted… until they stop working. Every thermostat replacement cost is worth the efficiency and functioning of your heating, so it’s recommended that you know when you need to update your system for the best experience.

Updating Your Thermostat

Analogue thermostats are rapidly becoming outdated thanks to their digital counterparts’ increased precision and variety of heating options. A digital thermostat will allow you to change the temperature at different stages of the day, potentially cutting down your energy bill considerably. Similarly, your thermostat will read your ambient room temperature more accurately, providing your heating system with the correct information and ensuring it works efficiently. In this case, the thermostat replacement cost will depend on the device you purchase.

You may even need to replace your thermostat if you discover you are running the wrong type of device for your heating system. If you use a heat pump or radiant heating system, bringing room temperature up again after the furnace has been switched off can use more energy than required. Equip your heating system with the correct thermostat and you will see a rise in efficiency across the board.

An updated thermostat can save you enough money to warrant the thermostat replacement cost and continue to save you cash throughout its life!

Updating A Non-Programmable Thermostat

A non-programmable thermostat requires manual input to alter the temperature set point, whereas a programmable model will automatically adjust the set point according to seasonal and daily temperatures. Non-programmable thermostats have been the family favourite since their invention due to their simple interface, however that simple interface may be costing you extra even today. Digital, programmable thermostats ensure your heating system only works when it needs to, to the extent that it needs to, saving you money on your bill.

A Broken Thermostat

If your thermostat is broken you may experience temperature swings resulting from the device’s inability to appropriately read the ambient temperature in the space. Similarly, a blank display or loose or corroded wiring will indicate the need for a thermostat replacement. Your thermostat replacement cost will be a small price to pay for functioning heating that will save you money in the winter months!