Is it any surprise that reviews for businesses are paramount to success?

Heywood Heating pride themselves on the reviews gathered from local customers. Our combined reviews on Google and Checkatrade now total more that 650! And we are so proud of that.

Reviews are so healthy in so many ways. For the customer hoping to find a reliable company and for the company itself.

Reviews make sure you keep your work / workforce in check, it keeps you accountable and keeps you delivering top customer service. Which is how Heywood Heating have reached over 500 reviews on Checkatrade.

Social proof works so well is because at our core, humans have evolved to automatically trust the opinions of those around us. In fact, 70% of people will trust a recommendation from a complete stranger, and 92% will trust one that comes from a peer. You can compare this to the standard reception of brand marketing – just 36% of shoppers say they trust that large companies will always tell the truth.

This is because people know that businesses exist almost entirely to sell them things. Therefore, many are understandably skeptical about believing what companies say about their own products. That’s why customer reviews come in handy.

Thank you to all our customers of Ealing and surrounding areas

Heywood Heating would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to anyone who has left a review over the years.

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