The phrase ‘smart home’ is becoming more commonly used and understood as more people are using remote applications from a phone or computer to control the technology in their homes. A few taps on a phone on your way home will have your heating and lights on and curtains drawn by the time you reach your front door. Such technology is still in its infancy and the energy efficiency enjoyed by smart home users can be held behind a wall of high initial costs – putting many people off. If you are yet to make the leap and invest in smart technology, by making a few small changes to your daily routine, Hanwell residents can still ensure energy efficiency in their homes. Here are a few of our top tips.

Chargers and Wires

Even when not in use, average phone and battery chargers can still use around 0.26 watts of energy. It’s not much by itself, but considering how many unused wires are currently plugged into any home today, it’s no wonder they’re referred to as ‘energy vampires’.

The Bathroom

There are several steps you can take to cut down on the energy your bathroom uses. Low-flow showerheads reduce the flow rate of the water in your bathroom, allowing you to retain around 11 litres per minute, helping retain water and limit your waste.

Window Sealing

Gaps between windows and walls can allow heat energy to seep away from your home, leaving you with a heavy draft and heavier energy bill. Weatherstripping can be added around the frames of your windows to make sure no extra heat is slipping out and no extra noise is slipping in. Going the extra mile and installing energy efficient glazing can double your energy conservation efforts while reducing condensation. If installing extra glazing isn’t an option, an easy way to hold in that extra heat is to invest in some slightly heavier curtains to trap the air around cold spots.

Regular System Service

A regular boiling and heating system service is not only vital for your health and safety, it can also go a long way to tune up your appliances and make sure everything is running efficiently. Keeping a well-maintained boiler can save you expensive replacements further down the line as well as saving energy, reducing your monthly bill.

Take it from this plumber, Hanwell and West London homeowners don’t need to have a smart home to be smart about your home. Whether you have smart technology or not, small changes and a general understanding of the impact energy loss can have on your bills and the environment around is all that is needed to start living a greener lifestyle.

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