The sun is out, the schools have broken up and its officially the summer holidays! 58% of Brits are expected to be jetting off this summer, many with eyes blinkered towards sun, sea and sand, but before you go there are a few things you should bear in mind before leaving home.

Unplug appliances

Unplug your television, computer, toaster oven and other appliances to protect them from power surges and of course to save power as well. According to the Consumer Energy Centre, many appliances use power even when they’re turned off; so this is a really good idea to save money, hassle and energy.

Leave a key with a neighbour or friend

It’s a good idea to show your key-bearing companion the location of the water main shut-off in case a pipe breaks.

Don’t leave your lights on

Your electric bill will rocket through the roof, and it won’t really fool criminals that you’re not in the house. Instead invest in a light switch timer, which is scheduled to turn your lights off according to a programmed timer.

Remove your spare key

Leaving it under the plant pot, isn’t really fooling anyone. Instead remove your spare key, and leave with a friend. It’s a good idea, if they can regularly check the house, just to ensure everything is in order while you’re away.

Turn your water off

You should turn your water off to prevent leaks and to ensure water doesn’t become stagnated in pipes. Household leaks can cause a great deal of damage if left unattended and so it’s helpful to take a minute to turn water off at the main tap; which is usually found in the cupboard under the kitchen sink.

Turn down the boiler

If you’re off for your summer holiday, chances are you’re not using your boiler for heating, so turn the water setting down low. There’s no point your boiler working hard to keep water hot if there’s no-one there to use it!

Hope you find this checklist helpful, and if followed you’ll be returning to a safe, organised home with no unexpected problems or scary bills. Happy Holidays!