Not everyone knows what to expect when the plumber pops round for a check. But to ensure you always receive the best boiler service, Ealing homeowners should get clued up. So here’s a list of necessary checks you can expect from your plumber.

Visual and Safety Checks

The beginning of your service should always start with a visual check. This is a cursory examination of all of your boiler parts to ensure everything presents well and is not corroding or installed incorrectly. Your specialist will check both inside and outside the unit for the best possible result. Once they have removed the outer casing to view inside, a number of safety checks will be undertaken. These include making sure the correct gas flow and pressure is being applied from the boiler unit and ensuring the electrical connections, key components, seals, and electrodes are not corroded and are working correctly. The main safety checks you can expect will ensure compliance with national gas regulations.


Checking For Corrosion and Leaks

A leaking boiler can quickly become a serious problem, so your plumber will make sure it is corrosion and leak free. A boiler can leak because of high pressure or temperature, bad installation or pipe and connection corrosion. During any boiler service, Ealing plumbers will look for signs that this is either likely to occur, or has already.


Checking Functionality of Main Components

One of the main issues facing a lot of boilers today is the erosion and subsequent failing of the fan component. The fan can begin to fail once a boiler hits a certain age, so specialists will always check the condition of your fan during your boiler service. Ealing plumbers will be able to pinpoint the problem if your fan is failing to start. Reasons may include insufficient motor windings, bearings, or a faulty control resistor.


Gas Pressure Check

This is necessary to ensure the safety and functioning of your unit, so it is a crucial part of any boiler service Ealing plumbers carry out. A gas pressure check is done by connecting the test gauge to the meter and turning the gas on slowly to read the value from the gauge.


Flue Test

The flue test measures the amount of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide exiting the appliance through the flue, as well as determining pressure and temperature levels to test efficiency.


Cleaning As Required

During a boiler service, the heat exchanger and flue exits should be cleaned and checked for ventilation, as well as any necessary touch-ups required by your unit for maximum efficiency.


Clear Explanation of Relevant Information and Report

After your boiler service, Ealing (and indeed all!) plumbers should give you a clear explanation of what they have done with your unit, and report on anything you’ll need to keep an eye on or alter in the future.