When it comes to boiler repair in Acton and managing gas use over the summer, there are a lot of different factors to consider. Boilers are usually the biggest consumers of energy in a home and the most costly too. The type of boiler you have is very important as that will influence how you maintain it over the summer. It’s also valuable to consider what you will use your hot water for during the warm months to decide which course of action is best for you. There is a whole range of reasons why it is beneficial to leave your boiler on or at least run it occasionally:

  • Boiler parts can seize up if switched off for a long time, and soot and limescale can build up. It is recommended that you run the hot water at intervals every few weeks to avoid this issue.
  • Modern boilers use a lot less energy on standby regardless of the time of year, but many now have an energy efficient summer mode that will help save money whilst also avoiding boiler problems related to lack of use.
  • While running a boiler over the summer adds extra costs, in the long run, it will save you substantially more by avoiding boiler repair costs.
  • You never know what summer weather will be like in England and you don’t want to be without your hot water if the weather turns with a cold spell.

Whether you leave your boiler on all summer or simply turn it on at intervals, make sure to get it serviced every summer. That way, you can avoid the autumn rush when people go to turn on their boiler and realise there are problems to be fixed. Doing this, you can ensure everything is in tip-top shape ahead of the cold months. For more information, or to find out about boiler repair in Acton, please get in touch.