Here at Heywood Heating, we get asked all the time by customers how they can avoid common problems such as leaks or cracks, as well as the best ways, in general, to save money on the upkeep of their plumbing. As local plumbers in Ealing, we talk a lot about keeping a watchful eye out for risks and how to treat them, but there are many common mistakes which could be negatively affecting their plumbing. These are 5 key mistakes that are easy to avoid:

Turn off the water

One mistake that often occurs is that people forget to turn off the water in their home before attempting repair or maintenance on their plumbing. This is a simple thing, but failing to do so exacerbates the problem and only makes solving the issue more complicated. Make a habit of this being the first thing you do whenever you go to deal with plumbing problems.

No harsh chemicals

Another mistake homeowners can make is using harsh chemical drain cleaners. The right drain cleaner will clean your drains without corroding or damaging them. Regular use of harsh chemical cleaners, however, will cause a lot of wear on your drains over time and increase the risks of cracks. Talk to your local plumber in Ealing about which cleaners are best for your drains.

Avoid switching the heat

Switching off heating during cold weather is a common mistake we encounter with homeowners. The expanding and retracting of the pipes due to the switch from hot to cold is more significant in the winter, causing a lot of damage to the pipes. More importantly, you can risk your pipes freezing when it gets especially cold, leaving you without heat when you need it the most.

Don’t DIY it

We know how rewarding it can be to save money by doing home repair jobs yourself – but when it comes to plumbing you shouldn’t attempt complicated DIY without proper training. Doing so puts you at risk of making what could be a small problem into something much more serious. If you have any doubt about your ability to fix a plumbing issue in your home, contact your local Ealing plumbers first.

Pay attention to your plumbing

Last but by no means least, one of the most common plumbing mistakes we see homeowners make is neglecting their plumbing and ignoring problems when they first arise. Save yourself time and money by conducting regular check-ups on your plumbing. This way, if a leak, crack or other problem does occur you can get it fixed early on.

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