Top Tips on Saving Water.

Although it may not yet be hosepipe-ban weather and our British summer is proving as unpredictable as ever, it’s always a great time to start saving water. If your property is on a water meter, making an effort to save water could dramatically cut the cost of your bill, so follow these simple tips and start saving.

Reduce water use for flushing toilets
On average, toilets account for about 30% of all water used in a household. If your toilet cistern is an old model, it could be using up to 13 litres of water with every flush, while newer models tend to use about 6 litres. If you’re reluctant to replace your old model toilet, you can insert a displacement device into the cistern, saving around up to 3.5 litres of water with every flush. Across the UK, if displacement devices were used in every toilet, the country as a whole could save 600 million litres of water a day.

Check for leaks
An unusually high water bill is often a telltale sign that you have a leak somewhere in the pipe work. An effective way to test for a leak is to turn off all water-using appliances (including toilet flushes, washing machines etc) and turn off the stop valve, which is generally located under the sink. Once the stop valve is off, locate the external meter and after half an hour, if the dial is still registering that water is being used in the house, you most probably have a leak.

Invest in water efficient equipment
If saving water, for monetary or environmental reasons, is something you’re serious about, there are plenty of water efficient devices on the market. From water efficient showerheads, to high-pressure spray jets for the garden, you can go green and save money simultaneously.

Fix leaky taps
While a dripping tap may not seem like it’s wasting much water, it can actually squander 5,000 litres of water a year. A leaky tap can be fixed very easily and for a tiny price, so get it mended as soon as it starts.

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